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Willkommen auf der Homepage des Ratsgymnasiums Münster

Michael Wehrli’s play We open tomorrow night?! is a hilariously fast-paced comedy, which will have you on the edge of your seats from start to finish. The play takes a look at the miracu-tastic world of a theatre full of pressure, as a group of Rats High School students scramble at the final dress rehearsal to prepare themselves for the performance the next day. With quick wit, clever jokes and plenty of “bloopers” We Open Tomorrow Night?! is a must-see for fans of theatre and comedy alike.

The play mainly consists of ill-prepared students, various conflicts and misunderstandings between its characters and much pressure on everyone. Some want to make last-minute changes, some want to join the play, although they’re not qualified as students and no one but one of the Co-M.C.s and the stage manager seems to be aware that it is already the final dress rehearsal. Not to forget the commercials, in which two students try to collect donations for a new student centre and share some heart-warming memories of their time at Rats High School, where memories last a lifetime!

But will they really open tomorrow night?

(Tom Geldschläger)